The faculty members are actively engaged in the following key research areas and publish their papers in well-reputed journals.

  1. Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials
  2. Electronic and Functional Ceramics
  3. Geopolymers
  4. Photovoltaics
  5. Modeling and Simulation
  6. Fracture and Failure Analysis
  7. Thin Films and Coatings

Research papers published by the faculty members in the above-given research areas:

  1. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Furqan Ahmed
  2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Rafiq
  3. Dr. Muhammad Zain-ul-abdein
  4. Dr. Ehsan Ul Haq
  5. Dr. Adnan Maqbool
  6. Dr.-Ing Muhammad Zubair 
  7. Mr. Amjad Ali
  8. Dr.-Ing. Khushnuda Nur

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